Once upon a time, on a dark and gloomy night, Barbara went looking for a place to start her own restaurant. It’s been thirty years since Barbara found the old Realtors office off of Highway 50. The owner of the place was a strange fellow, with a very peculiar proposition. He only had one piece of property for sale. "All of these antiques and oddities come with the building," the Realtor told her. When Barbara entered the unique restaurant on Auburn Boulevard, she felt as though she had just stumbled on a diamond in the rough and nearly shouted: “You’ve got a deal!” 

It was during the initial restoration work that the contractors were working in the ceiling rafters, and they came across an old lock-box. The dusty wooden box had the initials "C.E.C." carved on the lid, and below it, an image of a cricket. Curious and excited, Barbara pried open the rusted-shut box and pulled out a yellowed letter, detailing the story of the cricket... 

There once was a beautiful young woman named Penelope. Penelope loved to cook for her friends and family, and she yearned for a large kitchen and a dining room where she could share her gift with the town. As she was whipping up a batch of homemade biscuits, Penelope heard a little voice in her ear, as clear as a bell, "if you dance for me, I will grant you three wishes." She whirled around but no one was there. "what do I have to lose?" she thought, and then danced a merry jig right in front of the stove. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a 3-inch cricket on her shoulder standing with a jaunty cane and a sunny smile on his face. "What are your three wishes?" He asked. Penelope immediately knew what her first wish would be. "I wish for a home-style restaurant with a big kitchen, so I can cook for more people." The cricket happily granted her wish. “What about your second wish?” said the cricket. Penelope thought to herself and decided to save her other wishes for a rainy day. Over the next few years, Penelope noticed that the townsfolk seemed to bring their troubles with them when they came into her restaurant and they hardly ever smiled. So, she said to the cricket, "I'm ready for my next wish. I wish for my food to fill the townsfolk with happiness!" The cricket granted her wish. Penelope was elated but, fairy tales are not without villains. Not everyone in town was happy with Penelope's restaurant. Cornelius Carbuncle, the evil restaurant critic, was determined to end things for Penelope. He wrote despicable things, said horrible things, and even left terrible threats on Penelope's doorstep. One Dark and dreary night the evil one appeared at the door with fake foreclosure notices in his hand, and the sheriff at his side ready to lock the doors for good. It was then that Penelope asked the cricket for her third and final wish. "I want to be a part of this restaurant forever." The quick-thinking cricket fulfilled her wish but alas, it was not a perfect wish. In the haste of the moment, poor Penelope was now a manikin, Frozen in place. The Cricket was heartbroken as he explained to her friends that the only way the enchantment could be lifted was if the right person danced the perfect jig in front of her. It could be years, decades, or even centuries, but eventually, the right person will come. The cricket vowed never to leave her side until that day. Penelope's family, torn and distraught, closed the doors to the restaurant until one fateful day in 1985 when Barbara reopened the restaurant. You can still see Penelope to this day, always a part of the restaurant. She now goes by Miss Cricket. 

 Are you the one she's been waiting for? Perhaps you are brave enough to dance a jig for her. But be careful, if you find the cricket, be careful what you wish for!

The Legend of the Cricket

Cricket Wanted Poster
Mrs. Cricket